Temple Renovation

The Malliyoor Temple must have many more structures before it could find a revered place among the Mahakshethrams of Kerala. New buildings are to be created and existing ones restructured.Our ongoing projects are:

  • Vishnu Maheswara Temple

    Vishnu & Maheswara temples are being constructed adjacent to the main temple complex. The cost of these temples with Chuttambalam, Thidappally, Mulayara is estimated to be about Rs. 24 Lakhs.

  • Auditorium

    Lord Ganesha is considered in Hindu mythology a patron of literature, art and culture. Artists can perfom their art as an offering to Malliyoor Ganapathi. Devotees can arrange sangeetha aradhana by artists as an offering. To perform these offerings the trust is constructing a uniquely designed auditorium Equipped with state of the art Audio & lighting systems. This design inclueds a large stage ,dressing rooms, make-up room etc. The approximate estimated cost of the construction goes to Rs 64 lakhs.

  • Cottages

    At present the temple doesn’t have own accommodation facilities. So the renovation and expansion work has precedence for cottages for pilgrims. The estimated cost for this project is about Rs.6 Lakhs.

    The Trust also welcomes sponsorship of any part of the temple complex by generous devotees. If you have any query regarding the project please feel free to call us. We once again express our gratitude for great support and dedications of all the devotees and wellwishers.

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